Research models

Ground breaking research techniques that add value

The following research models are used to help us understand trends, relevance and provide accuracy for our recommendations:


Key Research has exclusive Australasian rights to MOSTER (Monitoring Satisfaction To Ensure Retention), a revolutionary customer satisfaction measurement model used successfully in the international marketplace. The MOSTER model analyses the current perceptions of customers and the level of change required to impact overall satisfaction. It then identifies the areas in which the greatest impact on customer satisfaction can be achieved with the smallest improvements in customer service.

MOSTER presents data as four key indices with each service attribute depicted graphically. ”Priorities for improvement” and the “likely impact of improvements” are clearly identified. The data is not artificially manipulated through statistical correlation or regression and individual responses are recorded.

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Developed by Key Research, CPI is an innovative and holistic model that identifies the community’s perceptions of progress towards community outcomes and helps prioritise goals. CPI analyses each goal separately and provides a ranking to help prioritise actions and allocate resources.

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This is our proprietary methodology for taking the customer-based measure of brand equity through five clear and important dimensions:

  • perceived performance (inferences that consumers make about your brand)
  • perceived value (your brand’s utility relative to your product or service costs)
  • image (the esteem in which your consumers’ social group hold the brand)
  • trustworthiness (confidence in your communications and actions)
  • commitment (strength of positive feelings towards the brand)

The value stored in your brand, when you are aware of its makeup, should be used to grow and secure your competitive market advantage. The Metriquity tool reveals the best areas to grow and secure this advantage by establishing your total brand value, your brand’s strengths and weaknesses relative to others, and growth predictions based on promotional activity. The measures are created and displayed in a comprehensive (and easy to follow) hierarchical model which then enables mapping of your brand power and brand presence, to generate action points for your positioning and promotional strategies).

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Key Research’s Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) looks to provide an “overall” measure of customer satisfaction with performance. There are inherent differences between the service a customer expects and the service a customer receives. Our CSI helps determine the “tolerance threshold” between expected and actual levels of service and helps determine where expected and actual performance becomes unacceptable to the customer.

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Our Reputation Management system provides a unique and powerful analysis across a wide range of brand attributes. Key Research’s reputation model will help you reach your business goals by tracking your competitive strengths and weaknesses, identifying issues and potential crises, planning and implementing effective communications and engaging with stakeholders, customers, shareholders and staff to enhance your overall reputation.

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Key Research has developed a model to assist businesses in understanding customer perceptions towards increases in the cost of an improved quality of service. As well as identifying customers who would be prepared to pay more than they currently do for increased service, the model provides analysis to quantify customers price-quality trade offs for both a disruption and improvement to the service including a range of acceptable price points.

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